Purpose | Ride


Changing what having a car means to the world.

Car ownership hasn’t changed much since the dawn of the automobile. Buy or lease. Either way, it meant long-term commitments, debt and ownership costs. Ironic that what was to be the ultimate freedom came with so many constraints.

Today’s world has seen a seismic shift in how we consume. From music to software and groceries to clothing, we’ve been given the option to subscribe for convenience or savings or both.

Cars are next. RIDE’s Subscription Platform was developed to help small dealerships offer this new service to their customers and turn them into users.

RIDE’s team is made up of ambitious, car-loving visionaries with backgrounds in engineering, sales, customer relations, and web development. We are located in the Quad Cities Area that straddles the Illinois/Iowa border.

Partnering with established players makes us strong.

Instead of trying to build our own inventory, we decided to partner with quality dealers already in the game. We’ve curated the best of the best out there to bring you a great selection.

For maintenance, we’ve contracted reputable and reliable shops to keep vehicles in our network up-to-snuff. Oil changes, tires, brakes, alignments, regular inspections – we make sure your ride is solid.

Roadside assistance? For that, too, we’ve partnered with leading towing companies in the area to get you moving as soon as possible if something unfortunate happens.