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Get your car on demand.

Car subscriptions are here. No more long-term commitments. No more debt. No more stress.

It's time to make having a car easy. The most flexible subscription platform is coming.

We're hard at work building our service. Stay tuned.

Subscribing with RIDE will be simple.


Yeah, no loans. This frees up your good credit to buy a house or start a business. Don’t worry, we report on-time payments.


This is a package deal. You get a car, maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance bundled together.


This is having a car on your terms. So, short commitments and car swapping when your needs or wants change. Seriously.

Good Vibes

We love cars, and we want your experience to be amazing. Spend more time enjoying your car, and zero time worrying about it.

How is this subscription thing getting started?

It hard to ignore the signs once you see them – subscriptions are everywhere. The classic magazine model has exploded into nearly every facet of the consumer space, from music to clothes to razors to toiletries. Society has spoken – this model works. Cars are next.

RIDE's Mission

To be the Midwest’s premier automotive subscription platform, serving dealerships of all sizes and price points. We will provide our clients with all the tools required to move into this exciting future and help pave the path to fair profit margins for them, as well as honest pricing for consumers. It’s time to answer the car question.